Being Open to Learning

Any day that I learn something new is a very good day for me, and I have many very good days in my life, especially in my later years. For me, being open to learning is important – the subject matter is almost irrelevant, as is the source of knowledge. Being open to learning means knowing the opportunity to learn can happen anywhere, anytime and from anyone, and often without warning or expectation. In fact, sometimes the stranger or the student can often teach an important lesson.  

Being open to new experiences provides the nexus for learning something new, which leads to personal growth and change; and change is always welcome.  Without change, we stagnate and life offers no opportunities to move forward and become the best that we can be. 

Be open to new opportunities.

Be open to learning.

Be open to change. 

Be the best that you can be!

APA Style Help

APA ManualEver need a little help with your APA references and citations? Recently, I needed to check on the correct way to reference a book by the Dalai Lama. A little bit of internet research reveals the APA itself offers quick answers and useful information to this and many other style questions. I’m sure you already know about their style guides, but did you know they also offer instructional aids and online courses – for a fee. 

They offer free information, as well.  The APA Style website offers quick answers to questions regarding formatting, references and answers to their most Frequently Asked Questions. In addition, The APA Style blog offers informative posts on a variety of APA style questions.

So how do you cite the Dalai Lama? You can find out for yourself: How to Cite Pseudonyms.


In January, ARE/AU became an Organization Member of the International Association for the Study of Dreams (IASD).  Per their website, IASD is “a non-profit, international, multidisciplinary organization dedicated to the pure and applied investigation of dreams and dreaming. Its purposes are to promote an awareness and appreciation of dreams in both professional and public arenas; to encourage research into the nature, function, and significance of dreaming; to advance the application of the study of dreams; and to provide a forum for the eclectic and interdisciplinary exchange of ideas and information.”

ARE/AU Executive Director and CEO, Kevin Todeschi, said, “Because of the importance of dreams to Cayce and the important work being done by IASD, this is an opportunity to work together to share the significance of dreams in changing the consciousness of humankind.” 

The IASD is holding their 29th Annual conference, Sailing on the Sea of Dreams, in the Doubletree Hotel at the Berkeley Marina, Berkeley, CA, June 22 – 26, 2012.  This year’s conference will be a  memorable four-and-a-half day event with workshops, panels, symposia, a poster session, and a number of special events.  Highlights include three world-renowned Keynote Presenters: Patricia Garfiled, Fred Alan Wof and Tracey Kahan, plus three special Invited Speakers and over 150 presenters from around the globe.   The special events include an Opening Reception, a Dream Art Exhibit and Reception, a Psi Dream Contest, and a costume Dream Ball. Planned outdoor activities include a dream hike along the Bay and a special Dessert Cruise on San Francisco Bay. 

Early Bird Registration ends April 1, 2012.  I hope you can join us!  You can find more details here.

Come join us for the 10th Annual IASD PsiberDreaming Conference Online this September

From the desk of Bobbie Ann Pimm:

Everybody is welcome to join us for the International Association for the Study of Dreams (IASD) 10th Annual PsiberDreaming Conference (PDC), September 25th – October 9th, 2011.

The PDC is completely online for two weeks, 24/7, and will feature over 20 papers and workshops, as well as psi dream contests, chats and a dream art gallery.  This year’s theme focuses on Perspectives of Lucid Dreaming and will feature the top experts in the field of lucid dreaming.

Cost of the conference:

  • $45.00 — General Public
  • $40.00 — IASD Members
  • $30.00 — Students (with valid ID)

Become an IASD member between August 16th and October 9th and you can attend the PsiberDreaming Conference FREE!!!

All papers and discussions remain online, read-only for an additional two weeks.

Click here, for more information and to register now.