In January, ARE/AU became an Organization Member of the International Association for the Study of Dreams (IASD).  Per their website, IASD is “a non-profit, international, multidisciplinary organization dedicated to the pure and applied investigation of dreams and dreaming. Its purposes are to promote an awareness and appreciation of dreams in both professional and public arenas; to encourage research into the nature, function, and significance of dreaming; to advance the application of the study of dreams; and to provide a forum for the eclectic and interdisciplinary exchange of ideas and information.”

ARE/AU Executive Director and CEO, Kevin Todeschi, said, “Because of the importance of dreams to Cayce and the important work being done by IASD, this is an opportunity to work together to share the significance of dreams in changing the consciousness of humankind.” 

The IASD is holding their 29th Annual conference, Sailing on the Sea of Dreams, in the Doubletree Hotel at the Berkeley Marina, Berkeley, CA, June 22 – 26, 2012.  This year’s conference will be a  memorable four-and-a-half day event with workshops, panels, symposia, a poster session, and a number of special events.  Highlights include three world-renowned Keynote Presenters: Patricia Garfiled, Fred Alan Wof and Tracey Kahan, plus three special Invited Speakers and over 150 presenters from around the globe.   The special events include an Opening Reception, a Dream Art Exhibit and Reception, a Psi Dream Contest, and a costume Dream Ball. Planned outdoor activities include a dream hike along the Bay and a special Dessert Cruise on San Francisco Bay. 

Early Bird Registration ends April 1, 2012.  I hope you can join us!  You can find more details here.

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